Episode 9: Bamboo Hills

Finish all hard levels in episode 9 (Bamboo Hills) from the game Pet Rescue Saga. Pet Rescue Saga is a wild adventure game which involves rescuing cute animals. Match two or more blocks of the same color to clear levels and save the pets from the evil pet snatchers! This episode contains levels 103 to 117. Select a level below for a 3 stars solution.

About Bamboo Hills

Bamboo Hills is the 9th episode of Pet Rescue Saga. This episode consists of 15 challenging levels: from level 103 to level 117. It was released on February the 7th, 2013. On average you have to rescue 3 pets in each level and score an average of 35,800 points to earn 3 stars. The most popular level in Bamboo Hills is level 111 and the least popular is level 112.


Pet Friend

Posted on 02/12/2015

How do you gain more gold bars? I am stuck at the end of Level 117 with a stump in the way. I only have 2 friends playing this game & need 3 to move on. I refuse to pay for more gold bars.

Molly Moo

Posted on 07/31/2014

I need friends to help me unlock next level ...only have one friend who is playing so need two more or some other way of unlocking without paying :(


Posted on 05/28/2014

Why does my version of this game say I have to clear 100% of the blocks!!!! its impossible :( So close to deleting the game from my phone :9

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