Episode 46: Pillage Village

Finish all hard levels in episode 46 (Pillage Village) from the game Pet Rescue Saga. Pet Rescue Saga is a wild adventure game which involves rescuing cute animals. Match two or more blocks of the same color to clear levels and save the pets from the evil pet snatchers! This episode contains levels 658 to 672. Select a level below for a 3 stars solution.

About Pillage Village

Pillage Village is the 46th episode of Pet Rescue Saga. This episode consists of 15 challenging levels: from level 658 to level 672. It was released on August the 21st, 2014. On average you have to rescue 7 pets in each level and score an average of 48,930 points to earn 3 stars. The most popular level in Pillage Village is level 664 and the least popular is level 659.



Posted on 10/04/2014

Hey Dora I had the same problem it just means you need to go to the app store and update the new levels , type in pet saga once in app store and it will come up update next to pet saga press ok to unlock more levels, they add more levels often so when you've finished the next levels go back to app store and up date more cheers

dora hernandez

Posted on 09/19/2014

When am i gonna be able to play level 658 cause i been waithing for more than 3 weeks. Saying that the next game will come soon. But i seen that there are more games past my level.

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