Solution for Level 300 (Golden Molemine)

How do you beat Pet Rescue level 300? This page contains the solution of level 300 in episode 22 (Golden Molemine) from the popular iOS, Android and Facebook game Pet Rescue Saga. This step-by-step walkthrough will guide you through each and every part of this game and assist you to find all secrets and solutions to complete this level.

In level 300 your goal is to rescue 4 pets from the evil pet snatchers. To pass this level, you need to rescue 4 of the following possible pets: squirrel, panda and a puppy. To earn all 3 stars, you must earn at least 50,000 points.

Pets to rescue


3 stars score


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Posted on 08/24/2014

There is a problem. The version of the game in the video is slightly different. It only requires the cages be bombed twice. In reality the cages need to be bombed 3 times making it impossible to beat the level without boosters.

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